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Art Portfolio: Selected Works 

Look She's Got Beard!
"Look, She's Got a Beard!" is an experimental sci-fi thriller-comedy film, 32 minutes long.

This film explores the theme of "otherness," introducing the character of a "bearded woman." The film speculates about what the future of humanity would look like if humans became more open to interspecies symbiosis.

Please enjoy an excerpt from the film: the confrontation of the bearded women with the German Police:

Storyboard for the film:




Rehearsal of the dance scene:

Babushka in Space
Installation Babushka in space.png

This work is about my grandmother, Nadja Golub. At the moment of filming, she was 85 years old. She experiences awful pains in her knees, making walking very hard and painful for her. Consequently, she rarely leaves her small studio apartment. It's akin to living on a space station, always awaiting guests or food supplies. This work essentially delves into the loneliness of elderly people, as well as the intrinsic loneliness of every human being.

The text was inspired by the ideas of Russian cosmists such as Nikolay Fedorov, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, Alexander Bogdanov, Boris Groys, etc. Together with my grandmother, we crafted a text detailing her life on a space station and the utopian mission of future humankind to create an intergalactic museum.

Installation solutions:


Another installation idea that I like even more: place swings in front of the video screen that is hanging under an angle from the ceiling. The swings should have a vintage feel. When the viewers will be watching the film "Babushka in space", they will be able to experience a movement through space themselves, adding an interactive experience to the film viewing.

Algorithmic Family

The «Algorithmic Family» is a real-time 3D video simulation. The simulation is controlled by a custom-created algorithm. The algorithm analyses the news from different online media resources in real time. The members of the «Algorithmic Family» react to the incoming news stream. Their reactions are translated through movement (animations), exclamations (sounds of growling, laughing, sobbing) and text above their heads (which are generated by a language processing algorithm). The characters are able to manifest eight basic emotions (anger, fear, joy, sadness, annoyance, amusement, inspiration, indifference). Their life is completely dependent on news, algorithms and randomness.


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